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Thursday, October 13, 2011

What is the difference between a close friendship and a close relationship?

Almost every one of us accepts as true that when friendship becomes sturdier, it possibly will revolve into relationship. It is not factual, the reality is poles apart. 

Consider the sort of converse you usually have with your friends when you are with them. You are all the time very open about your letdowns and deficiencies. You are not diffident of talking on the subject of your trouble and requesting friends to lend a hand. In a close friendship, you look forward to be on familiar terms on everything with reference to each other. 

Aristotle writes that ‘the excellent person is related to his friend in the same way as he is related to himself, since a friend is another self; and therefore, just as his own being is choice-worthy for him, the friend's being is choice-worthy for him in the same or a similar way.’ 

Now, the question arises that what happens in relationship then? 

Close Relationship
In relationship, you are not that much open to your partner or relation. Take animals for instance. Even they demonstrate their most excellent look to their companion. In the same way, humans retain a great number of top secrets from their partners. You do not fancy telling truth with reference to your failures and weaknesses. You furthermore make an effort to astound your partner when you are in relation. In fact, you endeavor to hang about within your margins in a relationship.

The differentiation among friendship and relationship is exceedingly cavernous but a very clear difference is that you work out your progress in a relationship but are very unwrapping in a friendship. Therefore, you can say that a close friend cannot necessarily become a close relation and similarly a close relation may not become a close friend but exceptions are there and still some believe that love is friendship set on fire.

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