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Monday, January 31, 2011

Love is friendship set on fire

You might have observed masses of people initiated relationship as a friend finishes up with love. So, is there any difference between these two? Is it acceptable being a friend for certain period and then become a lover afterwards? 

Actually the distinction among love and friendship is the intensity of dedication, forgo and preservation of individual space permissible. Love goes beyond all material space whereas friendship, although competent of being inspiring has some trivial restrictions or discrepancies. Nevertheless, love can exist in a friendship because those are the friendships that grow into family love condition and not merely on account of a genetic bind or lack and thus obviously friends can become lovers and eternal partners.
Friendship in itself is of wide-ranging phases. First phase denotes to the discovery phase where you foremost make social contact with someone. At this position, hardly any things are acknowledged about the person, most likely the individual's first name and the person's physical portrayal. Trust does not subsist at this stage. In succeeding phase individual's familiarity of the other person is better than before. Diffusion of secrets among them is not unusual in view of the fact that a rank of trust can be discovered at this period.

The third and the final phase correspond to the climax of the whole thing concerning friendship, everything further than this point is above friendship, and such can vigilantly be gazed at as love. entire information of folks are recognized, tied with the reality that friends can straightforwardly put together correct forecast of each other's responses to special circumstances. Such friends can be looked upon as close and true friends.
Making a distinction involving the over explained phases of friendship is rather effortless than distinguishing among the third phased friendship and love since it is between these two you can find the emaciated line separating friendship and love.

Then again, Love is excessively multifaceted a phenomenon to be consistent and unvarying. This is for the reason that love is a composite comprising of reasonableness in addition to foolishness. The unpredictability of love thus is what formulates your desire to die for somebody at an instance and as well crafts longing to live forever due to an important person in your life.

Thus, Love and Friendship are identical to five and six. The differentiation amid love and friendship can be as fine as a double edged blade that can either scratch you or groom you. There is no issue that the streaks involving true love and true friendship are hazy but Friendship is an indubitable ingredient of love and additionally occurs to be an inescapable pathway to love.

In spirit, there is nix love as soon as friendship is missing or absent. I can therefore strongly suggest that, friendship is an intricate part of love since it is a matter of urge to first experience friendship in a relationship before it renovates to love. So we can say, "Love is friendship set on fire”.

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