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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Stages of Love

No matter how you define it or feel it, love is the eternal truth in the history of mankind. Love is of three stages. The first one is infatuation in which there is no restriction of age. The second is the stage of mature love in which you and your partner choose sensibly to each other. However, if you are feeling incomplete in your life, then it is very simple to enter into an addictive love pattern after the infatuation stage. This is the outline of all the stages.

Signs of Infatuation

It generally occur at the start of the relationship
Sexual appeal and physical is essential
Describe by need, concentration, sexual aspiration, and nervousness
Walk by the person with full of enthusiasm whose character is not fully known
Include irritating worries and unexplained questions; the partner remains unexamined so as not to spoil the dream
It takes in to dreams
Is overwhelming, and often very tiring
Impose  anxiety with personally differences
Relationship not continuing because of  lacks of  strong base

Signs of Mature Love

It starts by knowing each other
Sexual attraction exist, but affectionate friendship is essential
Described by peaceful, understanding, maintain, trust, confidence, and open mindedness of each other; no chance of being fear
Start by deep involvement; based on huge experience of both positive and negative qualities in the other person.
Partners wish to be together but are not passionate with the connection
Is based on understanding
Is increasing in a good way
Partners have high self respect; everyone has a sense of self significance with or without the partner and feels full of life even without the connection
Individualism is accepted
Try to find out the best in the other; relationship is encouragement
Partners are patient; feel no need to rush the events of the relationship; there is a sense of security and no fear of losing the partner
Each motivate the other's development
Is continuing and supporting because of strong base.

Signs of an Addictive Love

Partner feels that they cannot live without themselves.
Uncertainty, lack of trust, lack of assurance, feeling threatened
Low self respect; looking to partner for justification and confirmation of self-worth
Together live less time happily; spent more time on apologies, fear, guilt, and broken promises
Needing the other in order to feel full of life
Feeling not as good as about oneself as the connection progresses
Loss of self power
Take  less decision or plans; waiting for the partner to tell you what to do
Feeling uncomfortable because of personal differences
criticizing the other
Feeling as though one is "killing time" until with the partner again
Speeding up things, like sex or marriage, so as not to lose the partner
Breaking promises to oneself or others because of the connection
Being jealous by the other partner's growth
Constant anxiety and distrust
Using drugs or alcohol as coping mechanism
Personal life is change

I hope after reading this content and information, you would be in better position to understand your condition in love. This effort, I believe, will definitely provide you with the knowledge to make right decision towards your love story.

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